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Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramps Canada

This innovative wheelchair ramp folds down and carries like a suitcase. Its unique folding design makes it easy to use, carry, and store. The wheelchair ramp unfolds to a 30" wide platform that is ideal for wheelchairs or scooters with three or four wheels

Wheelchair Ramps Sales and Rental Toronto Aurora Ontario
These multi-fold handicap ramps are the lightest weight on the market. Other features include all aluminum construction, high traction tape on the surface and convenient carry handle. The weight capacity is 800 pounds standard. Custom widths are available upon request.

New safety guide indicates if you are at a safe slop

UL Listed Ramp
     Available in 10 Sizes

  1  Foot   Threshold Ramp
  2  Foot   Threshold Ramp
  3  Foot   Bifold Ramp
  4  Foot   Bifold Ramp
  5  Foot   Multifold Ramp
  6  Foot   Multifold Ramp
  7  Foot   Multifold Ramp
  8  Foot   Multifold Ramp
10  Foot   Multifold Ramp
12  Foot   Multifold Ramp
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Threshold Ramps Available In 8" 10" 12" 24" Sizes
Our Modular Ramping is pre manufactured and ready to install.
Ramp system comes with railings, flat landings,  no slip surface and more.
Please call for pricing.

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