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Special Hydrotherapy System

In addition to all the warm Temperature and Buoyancy benefits you get from your bathtub, you also can add hydrotherapy’s third element... Motion
Whirlpool Massage System

    Swirling, whirling warm water stimulates blood circulation and your lymphatic system
    Your variable speed control can softly or more vigorously massage sore muscles and joints, while relaxing away the stress of the day

Air Spa Bubble Massage System

    Warm air bubbles tickle your fancy and everything else... Millions upon millions of tiny bubbles melt stress, aches and pains away
    Bubble motion triggers touch receptors on your skin which helps further stimulate your blood circulation and lymphatic system

4-in-1 Combination System

    Everything in one tub - Soaker, Shower, Whirlpool Massage, and Bubble Massage Systems
    Enjoy as your mood swings - from each by itself, to various combinations to a wild and crazy everything on at once

Special Anti-Scald System

    Set the special thermostatic valve to your ideal water temperature and your bathtub will fill with water at that temperature every bath until you reset it
    You can enjoy your bath faster because your tub fills twice as fast with this system vs. Standard plumbing
    This operation prevents scalding water from entering your tub

Walk in Bathubs Toronto
Walk in Bathubs Canada
Walk In Bathtub Hydrotherapy

Built In or Free Standing?

Rane tubs come in two basic types: Built In and Free Standing.
Built In

These walk in tubs Ontario Vancouver are intended to be installed into a space that has three walls surrounding the tub…on the back and at both sides. For example, they are ideal to replace an existing built in tub or to be built into a new alcove. These tubs do not come with side or back panels on the tubs.

The RC2 and RM3 offer an optional 12" Filler Panel. This fiberglass panel is 12" wide, 40" tall and 30” long to cover the space between the end of the tub and the wall. It can be used when these Models replace an existing 60" long tub. The panel can be cut down to fit your needed exact dimensions.
Free Standing

These tubs need only to be placed with their back against a wall. In this situation the tub needs two Side Panels. You also can put these tubs into a corner, with one side and the back against the walls. In this situation, the tub needs either a Left or Right (as seen from the front/door side of the tub) Side Panel. Whichever configuration you choose, make sure you get the Side Panels for the exposed sides.

Different tubs have different programs for Side Panels…some are included with the tub and some must be ordered separately. So, choose your tub Model and your location. Then see if you need to order a Left Panel, a Right Panel, or both panels.

This chart will help you decide exactly what you need. Standard means that both Left and Right Side Panels automatically come with your tub. Optional means to order the Side Panels you need.
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Natural Pain Relief
    A warm bath is natural pain relief at its best
    No pills, no prescriptions, no doctors, no pharmacies
Safe Access Bathing
    Dramatically reduce your chances of a bad fall
    This tub can help you ease your mind
Bathing Bliss
    Few moments in life are more pleasant than a warm bath
    Enjoy more of those moments every day
    This tub could be just the thing that allows you stay-at-home independence
    Bathe in the privacy of your own home at a cost of less than a few months rent in a group facility
Our Air Spa Hydrotherapy System
provides a soothing massage without the use of powerful harsh whirlpool gets
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