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Flexibility of Placement
Because the vertical, free-standing, self-supporting rails of a Stiltz lift bear all the weight, it can be positioned in most places around your home. You can tuck into the corner of a room, into a stairwell void, on a landing or even in a closet.  Or like many of our customers, let it take center-stage in your home; there‘s no need to hide a Stiltz Home Lift away out of sight!
Intelligent Technology
No visible hoists and no noisy motors. Stiltz Home Lifts’ unique technology means the lift runs using a discreet wire rope hoist and built-in drive equipment which is all neatly concealed within the lift car roof space. Meaning more space in your home for you, your furniture and your décor.
Simple & Secure
A Stiltz Home Lift plugs straight into a standard power outlet in your home. Should there be a power outage while you‘re using the lift, a battery back up will gently return you to the lower floor until power is restored. To get from floor to floor the lift is operated using the intuitive in-car control panel or through standard remote controls from outside the lift.

Small Footprint
Smallest footprint of any lift on the market - covers less than 7sf surface area

Powered by a quiet electric self-contained motor - no noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems

Fast Installation
Elevators are made up of modular sections - standard installs take just one day

Power Consumption
Plugs into a regular 110v or 220v power outlet - like any other household appliance

Unique Guide System
Two parallel and vertical guides bear load of the lift - self-supporting structure

Self Contained Drive System
Housed at the top of the lift, out of sight