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iOPEN picture of lady going through automatic door
Residential Home Door Opener

You can push open door manually unlike most others.
Designed for self installation

Quietest and Most Affordable handicap door opener with
Push-and-Go design.
Model i880

Our Home Door Opener is a
Two Speed Operator, last 10 degrees of closing is significantly slowed as is the last 10 degrees of opening.

Simple and affordable residential  swing door operators, opens and closes the door at the press of a button.

Our Unique design makes installation simple and easy, no modification of the door or jambs. plugs right into a regular 110 VAC wall outlet.

Fits in most interior and many exterior door applications Left and right hand units are available for jamb mount to push door open and jamb mount to pull door open with slide arm, can also be door mounted to pull door open.
Door Swing
Canadian Dollars
Door Swing
This operator allows persons to push the door open manually without using the door operator unlike most other residential door openers.
Model i880
Home Door Opener
See Door Swing Handing
What Hand Door Operator Will I Need?

To determine what hand operator you will require first decide which side you prefer to mount the operator on, In Swing Side or Out Swing Side.

See our Door Swing Handing Picture.

The i880 ( in ) is field reversible from Left or Right Hand In-Swing
(same operator does both these hand In-swings)

The i880 ( out ) is field reversible from Left or Right Hand Out-Swing
(same operator does both these hand Out-swings)

What other parts will I need?

Our home door opener kit includes 2 wireless remotes to operate the door and no other switches are necessary but you may also ad wall switches if you like.
Buttons (activation switches to push for opening door. We have stainless Steel type or you may use smaller discrete doorbell switches from a hardware store.

Electric Strike - If your door has a latch ( handle you must turn ) You have to either remove the latch from the door handle which is very easy to do or install an electric strike to unlatch the door. If this is a main entrance door into the home it is recommended you use a strike, if an interior door,  it is cheaper and easier to remove the latch from door handle.
Please Read !

If you are in a commercial building and want to automate the entrance door into your apartment, you most likely require a FIRE RATED commercial operator and electric strike.

Please call.
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See video of this door operator.
Includes 2 Remotes to Open Door
Keychain remote for iOPEN door opener
Includes 2 Remotes to Open Door
Two Free Key-chain Remotes Included

Our Home Door Opener Kits have everything you need for most installations included.
iOPEN automatic door opener
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