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Residential and Commercial Elevator Protective Wall Pads
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Water & Mildew-proof
Our pads won't absorb water, which increases pad longevity and gives you an extra layer of protection against rain and spills. Dura-Fab Protective Pads come through for you where other pads can't.
Choice of Colour
Protective pads should enhance the appearance their surroundings. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression with your site visitors. Ask us about our colour options and we'll work with you to build the best pads for your needs.
Strong, Durable, Time-Tested
We take pride in our pads' ability to outlast any other protective pad on the market. Our pads are made with extremely rugged, 100% Canadian-sourced materials and are built to safeguard even the heaviest-volume elevators. Over 15 years of experience and customer satisfaction go into every pad we make.
Fire Retardant
Our pads are constructed in accordance with the current fire retardant code for car enclosures, enclosure linings, and floor coverings.
(ASME A17.1/CSA B44)

Odour Resistant
Unlike some competing products, our pads are built using materials that resist taking on odour. This means your elevators and corridors will keep smelling fresh no matter how long our pads are in use.
We Measure, Manufacture to Fit Your Cab and Install TurnKey !
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